Cloud259 marathon race report: Back at it in Bucks County


Gregg details his race at the Bucks County Marathon in our third episode interlude. After a stomach bug derailed his race at Hartford on Oct. 12, Gregg salvaged his training for another shot at 26.2. Hear how it turned out, and stay tuned for our next unscheduled full episode featuring an elite athlete interview, coming soon.


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  1. Hi Gregg,

    Do you have any thoughts on spring marathons in the NY, NJ or New England areas? I am thinking about Vermont, NJ, or Providence and would welcome your input. Thanks,


  2. Hey Tom, you’re spring marathon shopping just like we are! I haven’t run any of those three but they all seem like good choices.

    Vermont – very scenic
    Providence – I hear it’s hilly, but easier to get to
    New Jersey – flat course, the choice if you want to BQ and meet Snooki!

    How about Hyannis?
    Keep us posted on your choice.


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