Cloud259 marathon race report: Onwards and upwards


We got this airplane to fly. Aided by the advice of professional and elite amateurs, Brenn sliced through the three hour barrier with a 2:56:40 at the New York City Marathon. In this podcast interlude Brenn describes the race and Gregg gives us a sneak peak at his next long effort.


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  1. Hi Guys,

    Looking forward to listening to it on iTunes. Great read on your Central Park teammate in the Times.



  2. Excellent listen, Brenn. You said and learned a lot of the right things. Minor word of warning, just because you experienced that running even or negative is the way to go doesn’t mean you won’t blow up in the next one. Having said that there’s no doubt you have faster marathons in you – enjoy!

  3. Love this race report. Great job, Brenn. I think we both learned much from this marathon, and you made some excellent points in the report, and it shows that you really get it. What I learned is that nutrition and electrolyte replenishment is a BIG DEAL!

  4. Thanks guys. Alan, I’ll continue to be wary of this distance. James, you learned in one marathon what took me seven to understand. No wonder you’re the coach.

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