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Episode 49: Oh, Canada


In his first marathon since a sacral stress fracture postponed his quest for Cloud 2:59, Gregg braved the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He offers a race report under intense grilling from his co-host. We highlight the top performances at that race, discuss the mysteries of ideal pacing, give a few shout-outs to listeners, and take a look at the elites who will be running the New York City Marathon on November 6. And Gregg mentions the T-word.


Episode 31: Desiree Linden and the NYC Marathon

We’re joined by Desiree Linden in episode 31, just days after her fifth place finish at the New York City Marathon. The uber-cool elite describes her windblown NYC race and outlines the Hansons-Brooks training approach that turned the 2:44 debutante into a 2:22 runner and one of the world’s best. Elsewhere, we recap pros who took flight in the fall marathon season, those whose wings were clipped, and a few missing in action. Brenn details his NYC race where the proof was in the pudding, and Gregg gets on the soapbox to draw inspiration from a race walker.


Cloud259 marathon race report: Back at it in Bucks County


Gregg details his race at the Bucks County Marathon in our third episode interlude. After a stomach bug derailed his race at Hartford on Oct. 12, Gregg salvaged his training for another shot at 26.2. Hear how it turned out, and stay tuned for our next unscheduled full episode featuring an elite athlete interview, coming soon.


Cloud259 marathon race report: Onwards and upwards


We got this airplane to fly. Aided by the advice of professional and elite amateurs, Brenn sliced through the three hour barrier with a 2:56:40 at the New York City Marathon. In this podcast interlude Brenn describes the race and Gregg gives us a sneak peak at his next long effort.


Cloud259 marathon race report: Hartford blues

It’s fickle, this 26.2. Gregg describes his race at Hartford last weekend, his 32nd marathon and his first with a hard target of 2:59. Brenn then outlines his New York City Marathon prep with two weeks to go before the Cloud’s second shot at sub-3.


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