Episode 58: From Chicago to Budapest, 26.2 incoming

Photo by John Riccardi

With the dog days of summer behind us, marathon season is kicking into high gear. Speaking of kicking, after kicking a dog on a training run, Gregg tried to deflect blame. Was he barking up the wrong tree? Dog enthusiast Polly Jones joins the booth to tell Gregg what’s what. In running matters, cloud359 and cloud259 are in play as Polly and Gregg seek PRs at the upcoming Chicago and Budapest marathons. Brenn probes their pre-race mindsets.


Episode 57: Jared Ward Devotes Mind and Body to the Marathon

Jared Ward at the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials. Photo by Jason Suarez.

Wanna learn how to run a great marathon? Listen to Jared Ward. In Episode 57, we’re joined by the sixth fastest finisher at the 2016 Rio Olympics (2:11:30). With professorial ease, the Utah-based gent addresses our Qs on his pivotal races, the sub-2 attempt, Saucony’s answer to the Nike Zoom Fly, and the recently completed Track & Field World Championships. After the interview Gregg seeks feedback on his longrunophobia, and Brenn reacts to an accusation of laziness.


Episode 56: Running with Purpose – Alison Désir

Alison Désir, first row, lower left. Photo by Da Ping Luo.

In Episode 56 we speak with Alison Désir, founder of Harlem Run. In a wide-ranging interview, Alison describes the recent Harlem 1 Miler, the inspired Run4AllWomen journey from Harlem to Washington, D.C., plans to spread the movement nationally and internationally, and broadly speaking, anxiety, leadership, and politics. Got that? Good, because she also offers a killer tip for running a PR in the marathon. Elsewhere in the episode, Gregg eyes the upcoming track World Championships in London.



Episode 55: Sub2 and Sub3

There is Eliud Kipchoge, and then there’s the rest of us. In Episode 55 we cover Kipchoge’s 2:00:25 at Nike’s Breaking2 project. Slowing down a bit, Gregg offers a race report from the London Marathon, where he viewed the elites on his Cloud259 Breaking3 project. Late in the episode we gas about David Alm’s article for Runner’s World concerning a wardrobe malfunction, which inspires Brenn to dig out audio from the runningontilt vault and share another oopsie poopsie. Not for the faint of heart.


Episode 54: From Boston to London

Gregg and Brenn look at clouds from both sides in Episode 54: the figurative clouds of doping in the sport, and the literal clouds forecast for Sunday’s London Marathon. We collaborate on Gregg’s A to F goals for London and offer shout-outs to listeners and teammates who are primed to break three.


Episode 53: Olympian Blake Russell makes another run at Boston

Image by PhotoRun

Among the Americans to cheer at the Boston Marathon on April 17 is 2008 Olympian Blake Russell. The 41-year-old mother of two is fit and hopes to add an outstanding result to a career that includes wins at the 2003 and 2015 U.S. marathon championships. After Gregg grills Blake, Brenn grills Gregg on his preparation for the London Marathon, which takes place the following week. Elsewhere in the episode, Gregg speculated on what will happen at the Nike-sponsored attempt to break 2 hours at the marathon, and whether (or not) Jordan Hasay will beat Desi Linden at Boston.


Episode 52: Predators and Prey at the NYRR Millrose Games

Guest host James Chu helps Brenn break down the Millrose Games in 79 minutes or less. In post-race interviews, we hear from Kate Grace on signing with Nike, Stephanie Garcia and Kate Van Buskirk on their thrilling 3000m duel, and Ben True on his winning kick. Ajee Wilson and Cristian Soratos reflect on extraordinary runs.



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