Tale of the Tape: Manchester Marathon Preview

The ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon and the “Race for the Golden Toad” between Cloud259 and Marathon Talk of the U.K. takes place this Sunday, April 6. The contest is based on lowest average time for each squad – Gregg and Brenn for Cloud259 versus Martin, Tom, and Tony for Marathon Talk. What’s at stake beyond international bragging rights and podcast supremacy? The winning team gets to keep this fellow for a year until the next cross-Atlantic clash, to be held in the country of the winning team.

Following is info on the five combatants. May the best team win.








Gregg Lemos-Stein
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 170
Age on race day: 45
Marathon best: 3:08:39 (Philadelphia 2010)
Other running accomplishments: Never DNF’d (except twice); 20:04 for 3 miles in a business suit
Secret weapons: Carb loading with mother-in-law’s Brazilian cheese bread (pao de queijo)
Occupation of considerably more talented wife: Journalist


Brenn Jones
Height: almost 5’11”
Weight: 135
Age on race day: 40
Marathon best: 2:56:40 (New York 2013)
Other running accomplishments: Beat Lance Armstrong at NYC Marathon (7 years after the fact when Lance’s result was thrown out).
Secret weapons: Big kick in the last 0.2 miles to make up for slow warmup over first 26
Occupation of considerably more talented wife: Fashion designer





Martin Yelling
Height: 6’0”
Weight: Depends on what’s in the rucksack (British for backpack)
Age on race day: 42
Marathon best: 2:48:24 (London 2008)
Other running accomplishments: 17-minute 5K pushing twins in a double stroller (buggy for those who speak U.K.)
Secret weapons: Relentless positivity; winning smile
Occupation of considerably more talented wife: Elite distance runner/two-time Olympian


Tom Williams
Height: nearly 5’9”
Weight: 156
Age on race day: 39
Marathon best: 2:49:57 (London 2008)
Other running accomplishments: A 9:24 Ironman PB and a Comrades finisher
Secret weapon: Bathing in magnesium flakes; CrossFit; paleo diet
Occupation of considerably more talented wife: Photographer


Tony Audenshaw
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 172
Age on race day: 49
Marathon best: 2.58.49 (London 2006)
Other running accomplishments: Former Guinness world record holder for fastest marathon dressed as a baby (3:13) and schoolboy (3:37)
Secret weapon: As a Mancunian (native of Manchester), knows the course inside out
Occupation of considerably more talented wife: CBT Therapist


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  1. Love it! Especially the hats tipped to those “considerably more talented…” Rooting for our side, but best race to all of you, and may the Golden Toad be content with his fate. – Brenn’s mum

  2. Best of luck, boys. May the Toad not fail ye this weekend.

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