Episode 88: Bekele, Doha, Salazar, Nike

Fair is foul, and foul is fair in the world of track and field these days as lowlights and highlights compete for attention. Celebrate Kenenisa Bekele’s fantastic Berlin Marathon? Lament the meager crowds at Doha? Despair at drug use in the sport? Swoosh or syringe? We sift through the current events, and Gregg updates us on his approach to the upcoming Chicago Marathon.

Categories: Alberto Salazar, Nike Oregon Project, Podcast

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  1. Great episode, hot topics. As for the dreadful longrunophobia, I found out
    – keeping the slow workouts really slow and listening to cloud259 or other podcasts or company helps
    – and for the long Marathon pace workouts, I like to stop before it hurts, leave a few more kilometres for next time in the tank and take an ice bath afterwards

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