Episode 77: F&@% yeah!

A year after Shalane Flanagan’s breakthrough victory at the New York City Marathon, Gregg achieved his very own F&@% yeah! on the course, reaching Cloud259 (2:58:49, to be exact) for the first time in 41 attempts at the distance. In Episode 77 the 50-years young co-host of the show relives the race-day experience and explains the key advice that made the difference in his training, with nods to Nate Jenkins, Jeannette Faber, and Jared Ward, among others.


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  1. Great accomplishment for Gregg! And we were lucky and smart to extend the bib to him!

  2. What an achievement- what a blast – supercalifragalistic expailadioutous Gregggggg so proud of you . Keep being a role model

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