Episode 63: Boston Marathon and the Splendid Septuagenarian

Spring marathon season reaches full bloom in Boston and London over the next two weeks. Lining up in Hopkinton alongside the A-list from the USA (Shalane, Molly Huddle, Jordan Hasay, Desi Linden, Galen Rupp) will be Gene Dykes, who Gregg interviews in Episode 63. Gene became the world’s second septuagenarian under 3 hours and set a seven-minute personal best when he ran 2:57:43 at last weekend’s Rotterdam Marathon. To Boylston Street we ready, set, go!

Photo by Erik van Leeuwen



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  1. Awesome interview with Gene Dykes! Love the idea that running isn’t only a young person’s sport – something that gets lost sometimes. Maybe one day I will be leaving a bottle of diluted coke 6 miles before the finish line. Great work, guys.

  2. Thanks Dana! Gregg did a great job with that one, and Gene is remarkable. I’m curious about the 200 mile races. I mean, how on earth…? It must be deeply enjoyable on a certain level.

    • With respect to 200’s, the fatigue can get profound, and the sleep deprivation is awful, but the total immersion in stunning scenery and the journey from one point to another, a point that starts out seeming an unfathomable distance away, will haunt you forever, but only in the very best way.

  3. He did not set a world record……….you have to be better informed……Ed Whtlock 2:54

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