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Episode 46: Ian Burrell aims for top 10 finish at Boston

Ian Burrell pushup

Ian Burrell and his daughter. Photo courtesy Ian Burrell.

In Episode 46, we let our guests do (most of) the talking. Ian Burrell describes to Gregg his approach to the April 18 Boston Marathon, his recent sponsorship changes, running with Tourette’s syndrome, and the daily routine of an elite distance runner who’s also a family man and a partner in a law firm. In our second interview Polly Jones speaks out about the troubling and pervasive issue of the harassment of women runners.



  1. Mikal says:

    I had no idea this was happening to women. Who are these ‘people’ doing this to women? What can us ‘regular’ people do to help?

  2. Brady Tieman says:

    I finally figured out how to make a comment on an episode! I know this aired ages ago but I wanted to let you and Polly know that there is some percentage of gawkers who are not watching her with sultry intentions. I take a close look at everyone I see running, male or female, because I’m always analyzing form and gear (arm swing, kick height, fuel/hydration, etc). I’ve been running for about six years but I feel like I learn a little something every time I see someone running. I am definitely not trying to diminish Polly’s reaction to the catcalls and such. Just hopefully there is a percentage of people in her area who are only checking her out to see if her torso is still and posture upright, etc.

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