Episode 10: Jeannette Faber and the US Track Champs


Jeannette Faber, owner of 13 consecutive marathon PRs, will be representing the U.S. at the World Championships in Moscow this summer. Faber, our interview guest in Episode 10, describes her progression from a 3:28 marathoner to a member of the US national team. We discuss Jeannette’s races, her training, and her work/run balance, and she offers us a gem of a tip for breaking three hours in the marathon (or for achieving any specific marathon goal). Elsewhere in the episode, we critique the recently completed U.S. Track Championships. Brenn breaks down performances by sponsor, with an eye to Nike’s gender-skewed dominance. We visit the library to unwind an SI article on Leo Manzano that is based on a faulty premise, and Gregg gets on the soapbox to offer an alternative to the arcane system of standards used to select the runners that will represent us at Worlds.


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  1. Is this available for download? Preferably not in iTunes.

  2. Hey M.J., there’s a link on the upper right side of the home page to subscribe in (you guessed it) iTunes, where you can download. We’ll update the site to provide a non-iTunes option.


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