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Track Money Winnings (Distance Events Only)

Jenny Simpson‘s 3rd place finish at Rome in the 1500 yesterday netted her $4,000. She had a much bigger payday on the track in late April when she picked up $25,000 for winning the Hy-Vee Drake Relays 1500. Kate Grace picked up $10,000 in the Drake 1500 as well, for finishing third. Here is a tally of the money that U.S. distance runners have made from the Drake and Diamond League meets in 2013:


Clearly, Simpson has made the most of her two appearances. If you break the money down by sponsor, New Balance has carried the day.

The data do not include appearance fees. Note also that Cain won’t actually receive her money, as it would muddle her college eligibility. We’ll expand the list as we get data from more meets.

Here are some charts on Diamond League points and earnings by country for distance events, updated to reflect the results from the meet in Rome yesterday.


And this list shows earnings on the track by Americans at Diamond League distance events:


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