Episode 4: Splits and (Im)perfect Pacing


In our fourth podcast, we check out splits from world record races, and contrast that to how most of us pace marathons. Note to runners: there is much room for improvement! Local elite runner and coach James Chu of the North Brooklyn Runners offers tips to help Brenn and Gregg realize their dreams of a sub 3-hour marathon. Brenn checks out Lopez Lomong’s “Running for my Life,” and Gregg gets on the soapbox and gives the Runner’s World mock-March Madness bracket an earful for picking Scott Jurek over Paula Radcliffe in the second round.


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  1. As to London, the lack of negative splits isn’t a surprise. Recall in the months going in, the consensus was that in the post-Wanjiru era, anyone who had a chance would be going from the gun Ryan Hall mentioned it as the only way to approach that race. It’ll be interesting to see whether this becomes the standard way to run a major.

    As to the NYC Marathon, having run an 8 minute positive split, the way the course is set up is dangerous in that after 2 quiet, spooky miles (at least lower level) you run into a wall-of-sound and it’s easy to be sucked out too fast.


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