Rupp vs. Gebremeskel vs. Gebrhiwet

Galen Rupp’s 3:50.92 mile at Boston University last weekend blew a hole in the Feb. 16 Wanamaker Mile — billed as Matt Centrowitz’s attack on Bernard Lagat’s meet record (3:52.87), it now seems like a race for second best, though it should still be a good one. Centrowitz set the Armory record in winning the event last year in 3:53.92.

Making Rupp’s mile doubly impressive is that though he had pacers, he didn’t have competition and ran the last quarter solo. That won’t be the case this weekend when Rupp races Ethiopians Dejen Gebremeskel (12:46.81 in the 5000) and Hagos Gebhriwet (12:47.53 in the 5000) in the 3000 at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix. Rupp is 26 years old, Gebremeskel 23, and Gebhriwet just 18.

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