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Amy Begley Interview Transcript

The transcript from our interview with Amy Begley is now available on the interview transcripts page. It was a lengthy discussion and Amy was refreshingly candid on a wide-range of topics, from faulty shoe contracts and her plans to support women’s running to her most memorable races and interactions with Alberto Salazar. We thank Amy again for joining the cloud! Next week we’ll be talking with pro runner Nick Arciniaga about his recent races and the Boston Marathon, among other topics.

Episode 5: Amy Begley and the Business of Running


In podcast episode 5, we welcome our first Olympian to the Cloud: Amy Begley. Amy discusses challenges track and field athletes face making a living and possible improvements to the business side of the sport. She then takes us to Hayward Field and movingly relives the epic 10,000m race that made her an Olympian. Gregg brings us to the library reading room for “Once a Runner,” and Brenn gets on the soapbox with a simple solution to the conundrum of getting cross-country into the Olympics.


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