Race for the Golden Toad

The Race for the Golden Toad is a competition held between Cloud259 and the British show MarathonTalk for cross-Atlantic bragging rights and ownership of the Golden Toad trophy.


The inaugural RGT was held on April 6, 2014 at the Manchester Marathon. Gregg Lemos Stein and Brenn Jones raced for Cloud259. Tom Williams, Martin Yelling, and Tony Audenshaw ran for Marathon Talk. The best average time would determine the victor.


Cloud259 (3:00:12)
Brenn Jones 2:56:48
Gregg Lemos-Stein 3:03:37

Marathon Talk (3:10:09)
Tom Williams 2:53:04
Martin Yelling 2:57:43
Tony Audenshaw 3:39:40

The next RGT will take place at a time and location TBD.

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